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Eddie & Raymundo Tattle on Lunchbox’s Interaction at Pizza Place

A little tattle telling went down on The Bobby Bones Show today (February 9) between all of the guys.

Lunchbox, Eddie, and Raymundo all went to lunch at a pizza place together. They were having a good boys day, but things went differently when Lunchbox was upset about his pizza order. The pizza place lets guests order their pizza in different sizes by the inch. Lunchbox originally thought to order the standard size, but realized he was hungry and told the employee he wanted to order the largest size. When the pizza came out to their table, Lunchbox received a small pizza.

According to Eddie and Raymundo, Lunchbox didn't even turn to tell the employee delivering the pizza that it wasn't actually his pizza. He raised his voice at the employee saying "that's not my pizza." The employee was baffled and wasn't sure what to do because the pizza numbers matched up. Lunchbox claimed he was frustrated because the employee at the counter had headphones in and wasn't actually paying attention to his order so she got it wrong. Lunchbox ended up just eating the pizza but wasn't happy about the whole mix up. Eddie and Raymundo said the whole situation was really uncomfortable.