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LISTEN: More Submissions for The Bobby Bones Show Theme Song

The Bobby Bones Show put out a challenge for someone to write the show a 30-second theme song that we could use every day. If anyone nails it and we decide to use it, Bones shared that he would pay the winner $500. The show first received 5 submissions last week and we got 7 more submissions this week.

People can hear the first 5 submissions here. Today's first submission came from Creigh Riepe who just really loves the show and doesn't want the $500, but rather one of Bobby's infamous toaster. The second submission came from Garrett Seay who shared his wife Heather encouraged him to give the theme song a shot. The next submission came from Wesley Holland, who said he would give us a fan's discount at only $499. The fourth submission came from Greg McCarthy who shared he recorded it with his old iMac and GarageBand. Then we've got a submission from Reagan Kidwell. Another submission came from Tori Carpenter who is 23-years-old and has been a listener for over 6 years, she was disappointed there weren't any women who submitted the first round so she decided to write her own song and sing it a capella. The last submission came from Toni Eubanks, composed by Toni and performed by Madeline Boehm, who said the melody came to them in a dream years ago, so they decided to add lyrics to it for their submission.

The Bobby Bones Show theme song contest is still not over. Bones shared that more people can submit their songs to with the title as "THEME SONG."