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TMSG: 86-Year-Old Bengals Superfan Going to Super Bowl Thanks to Community

86-year-old Jim Lipscomb has been a faithful Cincinnati Bengals fan since 1968. His community surprised him in a huge way with his favorite team recently.

Lipscomb has watched the Cincinnati Bengals since the team's inception in 1968. When the Bengals beat the Kansas City Chiefs to secure their ticket to the 2022 Super Bowl, his daughter Linda Eschenbrenner took a video of his emotional reaction. The video has since gone viral racking up millions of views across various social media platforms. Since Super Bowl tickets are so expensive, Eschenbrenner launched a GoFundMe to send her dad to the Super Bowl to see his team play.

The GoFundMe was called "Send Grandpa to the Superbowl!" All costs would go towards him and a caregiver to go to the big game. Donations poured in. Six days later, there was over $42,000 in donations to send Lipscomb to the Super Bowl.

Photo: Getty Images