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Ronnie Dunn’s Album Coming This Summer Will Feature Parker McCollum Collab

Ronnie Dunn will be releasing a solo project this summer and his first song from it "Broken Neon Hearts" dropped today. He stopped by The Bobby Bones Show sharing some stories about his career with Brooks & Dunn, the duo's recent viral moment, and his friendship with Bobby.

Dunn has been following some passion projects for the last several years, but admitted he got bored just being at home and that's why he started songwriting and working on new music again. His solo album is a lot like his new single "Broken Neon Hearts." Fans have Dunn's wife to thank for this new song as she was the one who pushed him to think outside of his usual "honky tonk, beer drinkin box" with his new music. The new album will feature songs similar to the ones he played at bars when he was coming up in his career as an artist. Dunn shared how exciting it is to put out a solo project because when he was part of a duo, there were just some songs they couldn't do. He added that his songs on this new project will want to make people dance and one of the songs will be a collaboration with Parker McCollum. He hasn't decided if he will go on tour with the new music, confessing that he knows one day he will wake up and won't be able to sing the same. 

Despite utilizing his vocal cords all the time, he admitted he doesn't actually do anything to help keep his voice long-lasting. When he's out on the road, he just ensures he rests a lot and drinks plenty of water. At this point in his life, Dunn shared he doesn't drink much. Though when he's touring with his band, they've always do a ceremonial shot before they go on stage. It's been one of their traditions for many years. When talking about Brooks & Dunn's final show with Reba in Las Vegas, Dunn said they had separate, fancy suites in different towers that were around 4,000 sq. feet. He also admitted he was ready for it all to be done when it ended.

Recently, Brooks & Dunn's song "Neon Moon" went viral on TikTok and Dunn has no idea how that happened. He admitted that he never learned the dance everyone was doing to their song despite his team encouraging him to do so. The song has hit over 3 billion plays because of the virality. Instead of dancing, Dunn has other things he's been focused on like his new music, his photography, and watching Yellowstone. Admittedly, he isn't good at riding horses, though he grew up around them because his dad was a stable boy. Dunn often went to horse races with his dad, including down in Mexico where his dad and the sheriff would take broken down quarter horses and race them for locals to make bets. He's been able to continue having horses around him when it comes to his photography. Dunn is still going out to rodeos and getting right in the action to take photos of all the action.