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Bobby Wants to Hire Basketball Coach to Improve for Pickup Games

In recent weeks, Bobby Bones has been asked to play some pickup basketball, but it's made him a bit nervous so he's thinking of hiring a basketball coach.

Bones never played basketball when he was growing up. He admits he was a decent athlete playing football and baseball, but he was never a big basketball player. As he's gotten older he's enjoyed it, but he's been getting injured a lot. In the last week, 3 different people have asked him to play pickup basketball, competitive games like 5-on-5. Bones confessed for one reason or another he's said no to each of them. One of those reasons being that he didn't want to go to the game and be bad.

So moving forward, Bones is thinking about hiring a basketball coach that would come to his house and coach him 1-on-1. His goal is that he doesn't go to these pickup games and be bad, he wants to be competitive.