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Email Sent to The Bobby Bones Show Ranks the Show Member’s Looks

A listener dubbed KP unpromptedly wrote into The Bobby Bones Show mailbag to rank the members of the show on their looks.

Likely inspired by one of the show's a few weeks back when the guys all ranked themselves on their looks. Listener KP got very real with their thoughts on everyone's looks, revealing the number they gave each person and then a way for the show member to go up on the specified rating. Check out the email as it was shared below.

  • Bobby is a solid 8.5, if he loses the glasses he’s a 9.
  • Eddie is a 7, if he wore a beanie he’s an 8.
  • Lunchbox is a 5.5, he could be a 6 if he is a bit nicer.
  • Raymundo is a 8.5, but with stacked shoes he’s a 9.
  • Amy is a 10. Because it's Amy.
  • Morgan is a 9, she would be a 9.5 if she studied geography. 

There you have it. Listener KP's thoughts on The Bobby Bones Show' looks. If you'd like to write into the mailbag just send them to