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TMSG: Trainer & Team Doctor Saved Referee Who Collapsed During Game

Back in January, a referee collapsed during a basketball game at John Carroll University.

It was just after half-time when veteran referee 66-year-old Tim Radley collapsed to the floor. John Carroll's assistant athletic trainer Michelle Fowler and the team's physician Breanna Kebort sprung into action to help Radley. They realized he didn't have a pulse, so Dr. Kebort started chest compressions and then Fowler used a defibrillator, both helping to bring Radley back to life.

Radley was then transported to University Hospitals where it was discovered he had major blockages to his heart. He underwent surgery the following day and then was released the next day. Radley credits his faith and the two women who helped him on the court to him being alive today.

Photo: Getty Images