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Lunchbox’s Christmas Lights Are Still Up Following Neighbor Incident

In January, Lunchbox shared some audio of his neighbor telling him he needed to take down his outdoor Christmas decorations. The neighbor approached Lunchbox letting him know that he's the only one in his neighborhood that has his Christmas lights still up. Lunchbox shared that he has kids, it's been snowing, and he has a job, so he really hasn't had the time. The neighbor responded saying that Lunchbox is "just burning the kilowatts" and "there's an energy shortage" right now. He added that he was "just thinking of him."

Lunchbox was peeved at the whole situation. He couldn't believe the neighbor came up to share his opinion on Lunchbox's house. So out of spite, Lunchbox decided he wasn't going to take down the decorations anytime soon. As of today (February 15), Lunchbox has kept his word. His Christmas decorations are still up and Lunchbox stated they're staying up for the foreseeable future.