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Amy Admits “Time Marches On” Moment While on an Airplane

Amy felt like her dad when she was traveling back from a work event in California. She was on a plane and trying to get her AirPods connected to her iPhone when someone called her out.

The moment caused Amy to have a "time marches on" moment. She was trying to connect her AirPods to her phone so she could watch a movie she downloaded. She was frustrated because the volume was really low, but she had it turned all the way up. She got frustrated because she didn't hear it, only for the young girl sitting next to her to say "Ma'am, I don't think that your AirPods are connected to you phone because we can all hear it." Amy checked and sure enough her Bluetooth wasn't turned on and that was the reason for the AirPod issue.

Amy admits the situation was embarrassing and it definitely made her feel like her dad and how he was with technology.