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TMSG: Bakery Creates Custom Cakes for Kids in the Foster Care System

Jera's Heavenly Sweet is full of homemade deliciousness from Jera Stewart and her daughter Brianna Stewart.

The bakery serves cookies, scones, cinnamon rolls, pie, brownies, cake balls, and more all from scratch. As much as they've loved serving up sweets for their community, they wanted to take things a step further. Jera and Brianna had the idea to make birthdays special for kids in foster care by baking and decorating cakes just for them.

The kids get to choose the colors on the cake, anything hobby related they want to include, and their name written in frosting on top. Jera told WTOL 11 that she just wants to make sure the kids know they're important, "Because we're dealing with children, they have to be anonymous so we can know only their first name and that's it. But we know whenever the cake goes out, we're believing that i's going to bring joy."

For anyone who wants to help in Jera and Brianna's efforts, they can visit the bakery's Facebook post here.

Photo: Getty Images