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TMSG: Boy’s 11th Birthday Wish Is Donations Instead of Gifts

For the sixth year in a row, 10-year-old Sergio Mairena is celebrating his birthday by putting on a donation drive for a California family resource center.

The donations are filled with formula, baby wipes, and outlet covers for the Cope Family Center in Napa. The center provides parents in need with free educational resources and support. Sergio told KTVU, "I actually jump up and down forty times every time I see a box."

Sergio's mother Rosanna is very proud of her son. She shared that ever since he was little he was always looking for ways to help. His passion for wanting to help turned into Sergio and Rosanna volunteering at the Cope Family Center throughout the year. Last year, Sergio collected around 25 boxes of donated items, and this year he's hoping for 35. For anyone wanting to donate, they can make a donation on his mother's Facebook page here. Sergio shared, "I’m excited because I know I’m making a difference. At my school they say any act of kindness that you put out will come back to you in some way."

Photo: Getty Images