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Listener Questions Playground Etiquette for Parents

Listener Troy called into The Bobby Bones Show asking for some advice on playground etiquette for parents.

He was at a playground by himself with his kids because his wife works weekends. After playing for awhile, his kids asked him to have a play date with one of the kids on the playground. The other kid's mother was on the playground, but Troy didn't know how to approach the situation without coming off as creepy to the other mom. So instead of trying to set up a play date, he just left with his kids to avoid the situation entirely. He wants to be able to set up play dates for his kids moving forward but wanted advice on how to approach other parents, particularly moms without it seeming like he's hitting on them when asking for phone numbers.

Amy suggested that when Troy approaches a mom he say that he's going to put them in a text thread along with his wife and the other mom's husband if that's an option. If you have ideas for how Troy and other parents can handle a situation like this, comment on this Twitter post.