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TMSG: Good Samaritan, Officers Rescue 2 Children From Burning Building

A fire broke out at an Arizona apartment complex and a good Samaritan along with several firefighters are to thank for saving the lives of two children.

Body camera footage from the Mesa Police Department shows a man jump onto a part of the building and then pull himself through a window. The man rescued a 2-year-old who was trapped inside the apartment and then handed the toddler to an officer, who ran the young girl to paramedics for medical attention. The same man saw another 6-year-old was inside and needed help out. He found a way in, and was able to safely get the 6-year-old out of the fire and to safety.

Both kids were taken to the hospital for injuries from broken glass and smoke inhalation and later released. All four officers on the scene praised the good Samaritan for his efforts. Chad Serchen with the Mesa Police Department told CBS 46, "Hats off to the citizen who was back there. He was at the car wash minding his own business, recognized there was a fire back there, jumped the wall, left the car at the car wash and really did an outstanding job today and really saved two kids’ lives."

Photo: Getty Images