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Listeners Share Their Favorite & Least Favorite Segments on the Show

During The Bobby Bones Show today (February 23), Bobby Bones shared that he's been getting messages from listeners that they don't love when callers come on the show. So he asked more listeners to call into the show sharing the segments on the show they like and the segments they dislike.

Some of the things listeners shared are listed below, and there are several other listeners' opinions on The Bobby Bones Show Facebook page.

The segments listeners like:

  • Tell Me Something Good
  • Hearing different perspectives from callers
  • Friday Morning Dance Party
  • Any games
  • The Morning Corny
  • Listeners' voicemails left after hours

The segments listeners don't like:

  • Whenever Lunchbox has the opportunity to hate on people
  • Whenever the callers are difficult to hear
  • Callers during the Post Show