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Lunchbox Details Restaurant Incident & How He Handled It

Lunchbox went out to dinner with his entire family when an incident went down that caused him to react.

The restaurant was busy and Lunchbox had his wife and their three children along with him. They ordered food and when it got delivered, it was actually delivered to the wrong table first. The waiter delivered Lunchbox's family's food to the table next to them. After the waiter sat all the food down, the guests at the table waved her down to tell her it wasn't their food. The waiter came back over, re-checked the ticket and saw it was actually the food for Lunchbox's table. She picked up all the plates and then delivered them to Lunchbox's table.

It wouldn't have been an issue if the food didn't get placed in front of the other table of guests, but since it did Lunchbox didn't want the food. He turned away the food for his entire family noting that the other guests likely breathed on it and it wasn't sanitary. He also added that he did tip the waitress for their table over 20% despite the whole ordeal.