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Amy's Friend's Car Stolen During Fake Valet Incident

Amy's friend was recently at a restaurant when something out of a movie happened and not in a good way.

Amy recalled the story her friend shared. Her friend pulled up to the restaurant and was practically flagged down by the valet. The guy was standing in a valet jacket to identify he worked for the restaurant's valet. So Amy's friend stopped and opened her door, the valet walked over and gave her a ticket, telling her when she goes in the restaurant that they would validate her parking. Then Amy's friend gave her keys to the valet and walked into the restaurant with the ticket. When she walked up to the host stand, she tried handing them her ticket to validate the parking.

The host shared that their restaurant doesn't have valet parking. Amy's friend ran back outside and her car and the guy were gone. The valet was actually fake and the guy used it as a cover to steal her car. As of right now, she hasn't gotten her car back, and the authorities are still working on it.