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Canaan Cox Quit His Job at Del Frisco’s to Pursue Music Full Time

In the summer of 2021, Bobby and his wife Caitlin met artist Canaan Cox when they were having dinner at Del Frisco's in Nashville, Tennessee. Cox gave Bones a coaster with his artist information on it and told him he could just throw it away but he wanted to shoot his shot. It worked and Bones had Cox up on The Bobby Bones Show to perform a song.

Since Cox's first appearance on the show, things have picked up in his career as an artist. So much so that this January (2022), Cox quit his job at Del Frisco's to keep pursuing music, but now full time. Cox shared that after his show appearance, someone from iHeartRadio in Atlanta reached out to him with a connection to someone that could represent him. Since then, he's been playing more gigs across the country and writing new music. He's been working on a new song called "Joy" coming out in April.

Bones called Cox to share the news that his song "As You Leave" would be in the Country Top 30's National Spotlight Artist of the Week. Not only that, Bones invited Cox to perform with Bobby Bones and the Raging Idiots at the Strawberry Festival in March.