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Lunchbox Finds Singer at Grocery Store in Nashville

Since phone screener Abby's success with her studio version of the national anthem, Lunchbox has been making a lot of claims.

One of those claims was that he could go to the grocery store and find a better singer than Abby. So The Bobby Bones Show challenged him on that claim, they told him he had to go to a grocery store and find a singer he deemed better than Abby in 15 minutes. Lunchbox was frustrated with the time constraint but went to the grocery store anyway.

Lunchbox came on the show today (February 24) with audio from his trip to the grocery store. Scuba Steve went along with him so that he was held to the 15 minutes. Lunchbox did in fact find a singer that goes by the name of Kendale. He's part of the customer service staff at Publix in Nashville and he sang Beyoncé's song "Love On Top." The show members all shared that he sounded great, but because he was at work and Lunchbox didn't take him outside, they couldn't hear his full vocal range.