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Jon Pardi Taking Acting Lessons & Auditioned for a TV Show

Last week, Jon Pardi was supposed to be on the Bobby Bones Show after releasing his new song "Last Night Lonely." Unfortunately he got food poisoning, so he stopped by the show this morning to share some stories and talk about the new song.

Pardi shared "Last Night Lonely" feels similar to his song "Night Shift." His producer sent him the track last year, Pardi loved it immediately and recorded it. Although he has several things going on in his professional career, Pardi shared that he's been focused on writing and working on this new album. He noted he is super excited about the project because there's a lot of young writers on it and he's excited about the opportunities they may get through the project.

Though Pardi hasn't just been working on new music. He revealed he took acting lessons with an instructor for fun over the last few years. Acting was something he hadn't pursued and wanted to try something new to get him out of his comfort zone. Pardi shared they focus on theater-style acting during the lessons which is way out there for him. The acting lessons also helped him read better and further inspired him to audition for a few things. He recently auditioned for a new TV show coming out about George Jones and Tammy Wynette, unfortunately he didn't get the part. Pardi also has his own bourbon and whiskey line, Pardi Batch. Admittedly he's not good at promoting the alcohol while on tour, but he's working on it.

We learned some fun things out about Pardi during his conversation with Bobby Bones. He used to work at a Ford dealership in high school where he would wash cars and drive the cars around for the mechanics to double check any issues. He admits he didn't actually learn much about cars and how to fix them, but he did learn a lot about car parts. Pardi shared he does get around Nashville relatively easy without being noticed because he doesn't wear his cowboy hat much, whenever he's rocking a ball cap people tend to question if it's actually him. Whenever Pardi goes out to dinner, he will send food back at a restaurant if the food is cold. Adding that he doesn't go out to dinner to eat cold food because he could just do that at home. If he ever orders a dessert at a restaurant it's only carrot cake or creme brûlée. He's also not a fan of most candy, but enjoys a few like Good & Plenty, and Lemonheads.