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TMSG: First Graders Commended for Saving Teacher’s Life

First-grade teacher Tracy Hodges found out how special her bond with her students is when they came to her rescue recently.

Hodges was conducting a small group lesson on the morning of January 20th when she started feeling off. She told WAAY31, "I sat down, and one of my students sitting at the table, I couldn't even make out the children at the table, he asked me what was going on, and at that time I knew something was up, so I asked them to go get help, and they did, and that's the last thing I remember."

Soon after requesting help, Hodges began tremoring. She then became unconscious and unresponsive. Her 5-year-old and 6-year-old students didn't hesitate and quickly found her help. She found out later that she was experiencing a seizure caused by COVID-19.

Hodges students now known as Hodges' Heroes were recognized in a special ceremony attended by classmates, family members, and several first responders in the community.

Photo: Getty Images