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TMSG: Suspect Stole Car With Child, Neighbors Contain Until Police Arrive

In Portland, Oregon a man allegedly stole a car with a 3-year-old child inside. Thanks to the quick actions of the child's father and community members, the story has a happy ending.

Police officers were called after a suspect jumped into a woman's running car and drove away with her 3-year-old son in the back seat. The boy's father, who was also at the home, got in his car and followed the suspect. He used his car to crash into the stolen vehicle and the suspect got out and ran. Thankfully, the father was able to get his son from the mother's car without any injuries. The father shared with some witnesses what had happened and they began searching for him.

T.P. Brown Jr was on his way to work and spotted the suspect around the block. He told KTVL, "I immediately floored it and pinned him against the fence. I asked him not to move until police get here. At that point, he tried to climb the fence. I got out of my car and grabbed him and detained him until police got here." Before the police arrived, an Amazon driver got out of his truck with a rope and they were able to tie the suspect to detain him.

Photo: Getty Images