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Amy Hosting Party For Adoptive & Fostering Moms

Amy is part of a group that provides support for adoptive and foster mothers. The group often gets together at one of the mom's homes for some snacks, wine, and conversations. Amy offered to host one of their parties and that party is happening tonight.

She shared there is about 20 to 30 moms coming over to her house. She purchased snacks that include hummus, crackers, cookies, and chips. She also has 5 bottles of wine already chilled. The rest of the Bobby Bones Show gave her a hard time noting that she likely needs way more bottles of wine than that. So much so that Bobby placed a bet on the over/under amount of bottle of wines that would get drank at their mom's night. He bet that at least 13 bottles of wine will be drank.

Amy is excited about the night, admitting that she didn't realize being the host also meant bringing activities and the bullet points for tonight's conversation topics. So she has a whiteboard and some prize giveaways planned but still needed to get her topics together for this evening.