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Amy Shares Update On Adoptive/Foster Mom Party

Amy is part of a group that provides support for adoptive and foster mothers. The group often gets together at one of the mom's homes for some snacks, wine, and conversations. Amy offered to host one of their parties and we got an update on how everything went! She shared earlier this week that she purchased all the necessitates and was ready for the party to happen. Though the show mentioned she should probably get more wine and promptly placed a bet on how much wine would be drank during the evening.

The party went down last night and Amy shared a few different updates. There were only 4 bottles of wine drank. The first person got there 20 minutes before the official time the party started, and the last person left around 9:45 p.m. Amy's daughter stayed for some of the party and she spoke on her experience with being adopted. And Amy shared the topic she chose to discuss which was about the importance of staying calm as a parent.