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Amy’s Son Loves Jiu Jitsu So Much He Does It Every Day

Amy's son has recently picked up a new hobby that he wants to spend all of his time doing.

On The Bobby Bones Show today (March 4), Amy shared that in recent months her son started doing Jiu Jitsu. He really loves it, so much so that he goes every day he possibly can which is 6 days a week. The gym is closed on Sundays so he goes Monday through Saturday. Amy noted that he goes so much more often than the other students that some days he is the only student in class and gets 1-on-1 teaching. Thankfully, Amy noted that the gym is by their house so it's super easy for him to go any day he wants.

Amy shared that doing Jiu Jitsu has really helped her son in many ways and noted that the instructor also teaches them discipline with the training. He encourages them not to use violence in any situation outside of the gym unless it is necessary for self-defense.