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Bobby Might Have Solved Eddie's Medical Mystery

Yesterday (March 3), Eddie revealed he was having stomach issues and then fainted when he was in the shower. Some medical professionals called in to share their expertise. They all thought something happened with his vagus nerve, which is responsible for the regulation of internal organ functions.

Now today, some more details have come out in the events leading up to Eddie fainting and Bobby Bones thinks he may have solved the medical mystery. Eddie revealed that he had a leftover Whataburger burger in his fridge that was 5 days old. He heated up the buns in the microwave and used a skillet to warm up the hamburger patty. He said it tasted fine and ate the whole thing. Well just a few hours later is when his stomach started hurting and he fainted in the shower. Bones thinks the two are definitely connected, because Eddie shouldn't have been eating 5-day-old meat.