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Bobby Shares The Latest Rejected Segments

The Bobby Bones Show has been asking listeners to share their favorite and least favorite segments. A few different listeners called in to request "Rejected Segments" make a comeback. Today (March 3) Bones shared some segments he rejected recently. Check them out below!

  • Will it keaster? Utilizing the wheel spin for who actually has to do it. (Mike D's idea)
  • Lunchbox new business idea - ASMR readings. People will pay him to scratch lottery tickets.
  • Eddie felt like he was cheating on his wife because he would watch true crime TV shows whenever she was gone and then would quickly turn it off when she came home. Though she never wanted to watch those shows with him.
  • Raymundo was offered $40 at a party to let a guy put him on his shoulders. He didn't do it.
  • Lunchbox wanted everyone to admit the things they're hiding from their partner.
  • Eddie wanted Morgan to pay him for making videos.