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TMSG: Family's Lost Dog Found Two Years Later

A Philadelphia family's dog vanished from their yard two years ago and now they've been reunited.

Renee D shared that her family's puggle Teddy and another dog named Mimi vanished from their Philadelphia back yard in November 2019. The family searched the area and posted about their lost pets on social media but had no luck. Renee was depressed about the situation, until she got a call just this last week from Philadelphia Animal Hospital.

Hospital employees shared that Teddy was brought in by a stranger who found him shivering on their front porch. The vet found he was in good health, just some mild skin issues. They scanned him for a microchip and was identified as Renee's dog.

Renee told news outlets that Teddy is settling back in at home noting that they "really missed him." Now with Teddy's return, Renee's hope has been reignited that Mimi will also be found.

Photo: Getty Images