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Dolly Parton on How She Reuses & Remakes Some of Her Iconic Clothes

Dolly Parton is constantly working on a new projects. Her collaboration book with author James Patterson called Run Rose Run came out today along with the book's companion album releasing this past Friday. She virtually stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about all of her exciting projects.

Most people assume that someone like Parton isn't starstruck meeting other celebrities, however that would be wrong. Parton shared that she's starstruck by anyone who is trying to make a big difference in the world. She loves when people step up to try and do better. One of those people is Patterson. He called her up one day asking if she had any interest in collaborating on a book. Patterson has written a few different collaboration novels with a few celebrities, so Parton didn't know why he needed her. Nonetheless, Parton was interested and wanted to make sure if she did the project, it was something she could contribute too. Patterson flew down to Nashville where they talked and Parton admitted she liked him a lot. She thinks it's important to like the people you do projects with, especially one like writing a book.

Parton is this year's ACM Awards host (airing tonight on Amazon Prime Video) and she admitted she will always get butterflies. Parton believes that she will always get nervous when it comes to being on stage, because that just means she wants the performance to go well. She calls them "good butterflies." Adding that it is not something she thinks a performer should outgrow as its part of the excitement. Though as soon as the light hits Parton, she knows there is no turning back. As far as her favorite songs to perform, Parton shared a story about her hit song "Coat of Many Colors" and her mother. "Coat of Many Colors" was hard for Parton to sing without breaking down for months after her mother passed way. Though now when she performs that particular song, it has a different meaning to her. Some other songs Parton loves to perform include "I'll Always Love You" and "9 to 5" mostly because she enjoys singing the songs the audience knows the most. Parton is always open to collaborating with artists, but her current dream collaboration is with Keith Urban. The two of them did a duet together many years ago, but she is looking to do something else with him now. Adding that Urban reminds her so much of her brothers, who she sang with all the time growing up. Parton hopes the two of them can do a real single one day, but noted that at the time of the interview they didn't have anything in the works.

One of the many things Parton is known for is her iconic clothes. She's always dressed to the nines so fans assume she typically doesn't wear the same thing twice. However, Parton squashed that rumor. She shared that if she really loves an outfit, she will wear it again. Sometimes her stylists will reuse or remake the outfit so that Parton can rock it in a new way. Specifically this happens with Parton's gowns, sometimes they will shorten them for another wear. Parton confessed there are a few things she has only worn once, because then her team takes that outfit and it goes into the museum or gets auctioned off for charity. Though fans all know Parton is known for more than just her clothes, she recently dropped a baking line with Duncan Hines and an ice cream flavor with Jeni's. Parton is always busy with new projects and she credits so much of it to the wonderful people she has surrounding her. While she notes she is the "creative force," she knows they are the ones going out and doing all of the hard work.