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Hailey Whitters on Writing Songs for Idols Martina McBride & Alan Jackson

Hailey Whitters is from Shueyville, Iowa but she's been paving her way in Nashville, Tennessee for a country music career.

Whitters is a big fan of traditional country music. Since being in Nashville, she's written songs for her idols Martina McBride and Alan Jackson. Whitters confessed that she grew up studying Jackson's body of work so to have him hear one of her songs and think it's worthy of being on his record was a really big deal for her. While Whitters is creating her own path in country music, she takes influence from the "females of the 90s" like McBride, and Trisha Yearwood, as well as current female country artists Brittney Spencer, and Miranda Lambert. She noted that there are so many women in the country genre that influence her, especially because despite it being the harder road for women, she has seen so many female artists roll up their sleeves and put in the work to become massive stars.

Besides musical inspirations, Whitters is also inspired by growing up in a small town. Her father is a crop farmer, growing corn and beans. She admits she does love corn everything because of it. Whitters also plans to do banjo lessons. She currently performs with a banjo, but she wants to pick up more skills on the instrument.

Whitters is currently out on her own headlining Heartland tour where she performs for around 90 minutes. On March 18th, she will be releasing her new album March 18th. While on The Bobby Bones Show, she performed one of the new songs off her new album, the song is called "Everything She Ain't."