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TMSG: Police Get Student New Bike After Car Accident

Texas middle school student Ivor Stewart McChesney had a difficult day that ended with happiness thanks to some people in his community.

Ivor was struck by a vehicle while riding his bike to school Tuesday morning. He was scraped and a little banged up, but fortunately didn't have any serious injuries. But his bike was totaled. When Round Rock ISD Police followed up with Ivor and his family to check on him and his injuries, they saw his bike and wanted to do something nice for him.

Round Rock ISD Police Chief Jeffrey Yarbrough headed to Trek Bike Parmer with the intent to purchase a new bike and helmet with his own money, plus some money from fellow officers and Round Rock ISD team members. However, Trek Bike Parmer wouldn't take their money. The company donated a $1,000 bike, helmet and safety gear for Ivor.

Ivor's dad Alex McChesney told Round Rock ISD News that it was a day full of emotions, "It was really sweet of them. He’s excited. Though I think it will be a few days before he’s ready to ride it to school."

Photo: Getty Images