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Eddie Thinks He May Have Taken Parenting Move Too Far

Eddie and his wife were recently out furniture shopping for a new couch. They needed some time to look around, so they gave their kids the iPads and Nintendo Switch and told them to get comfortable, but stay put. The kids were being really great, but when Eddie and his wife made it back around to them, the kids weren't there but one of the iPads was still sitting on the couch right by the front door.

Seeing it as a teachable moment, Eddie took the iPad and hid it in the car. When it was time for them to leave, Eddie saw his son panic when he couldn't find the iPad he left on the couch. Eddie didn't say anything, they just let him panic and look for the iPad for over 10 minutes while the rest of the family went to the car. It got to the point where employees and sales workers were helping Eddie's son look for the iPad, so Eddie felt like he may have taken the punishment too far. Eddie's wife told Eddie to go tell his son that he had the iPad in the car, and Eddie did eventually.

Although Eddie is worried the situation went on too long, he still sticks by the fact that it was a perfect opportunity to teach his son a lesson about how important it is to take care of valuable things like an iPad.