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Lunchbox Tried To Buy Jon Bon Jovi’s Apartment With His Hit Lyrics

Lunchbox is back at it with the prank calls today (March 8), he called the realtor for Jon Bon Jovi's apartment as his alter ego Jason Gibble.

Jon Bon Jovi is selling his four-bedroom Greenwich Village condo for $22 million. The place has floor-to-ceiling windows, a private terrace, 40-foot living room, complete with a balcony overlooking the city, and a large adjoining eat-in kitchen fully equipped with appliances.

Jason Gibble wanted to know about the floor to ceiling windows while using Bon Jovi's lyrics "It's my life, it's now or never." Then he added that he really wanted the place using Bon Jovi's other lyrics "I want it dead or alive." Gibble also shared that his wife often tells him "you give love a bad name." Before really upsetting the realtor, Lunchbox was able to use one last Bon Jovi lyric by saying "Are you guys looking for a serious buyer because once I submit this offer, I'm going to be living on a prayer that you accept it."

The realtor responded after the last lyric used by asking if Gibble was serious or not because she's a busy woman with a lot of listings to show. She told Gibble he was wasting her time and hung up on him.