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TMSG: A New Hotline From Kindergartners Gives You a Pep Talk & Joy

A group of kindergarten students started a project that's spreading joy to anyone who needs it.

Kindergarteners from West Side Elementary created a free hotline called Peptoc with the help of teachers Jessica Martin and Asherah Weiss. Martin, who teaches the art program at the school, was inspired by her students resilience from everything they've been through to the pandemic, wildfires in the region, and the everyday challenges of being a kid. She told NPR, "I thought, you know, with this world being as it is, we all really needed to hear from them — their extraordinary advice and their continual joy."

Martin spoke to her students about the idea of art as a kind of social practice, a conversation to contribute to the wold. Just two days after launching the hotline on February 26th, Martin shared they were already up to 700 callers per hour.

So the next time you need a little boost, just dial Peptoc at 707-998-8410. If you want to help support the program's hotline fees, you can donate here.

Photo: Getty Images