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Abby’s Boyfriend Had To Get Life-Flighted to Hospital

Phone screener Abby shared recently that she has a new boyfriend in her home state of Kansas. They are dating long distance, and a few weekends back she went back home to see him. However, something really crazy happened during their visit.

The two of them went to dinner with Abby's parents for the first time and he was eating a steak. During the dinner he had gone to the restroom quickly, but Abby didn't know why. She found out later that he had choked on a piece of steak. After they left dinner, Abby went home with her parents so they could drop her off at the airport in the morning. She woke up at 6 a.m. to a phone call from her boyfriend who said he "was ok, but he was in the hospital." Turns out the steak he choked on ripped his esophagus and put a hole in it.

When he was driving home from dinner, he was having a lot of pain. So after he got home, his neighbor took him to their local hospital. The hospital revealed the hole in his esophagus caused his entire chest to fill with air and because the local hospital didn't have all of the medical equipment needed to help him, they life flighted him to KU Medical in Kansas City.

Abby shared the whole situation has been totally crazy and he was on a feeding tube for the first several days, and now he's eating broth. His recovery is going well, but it's still going to take some more time. He plans to go to Strawberry Festival to support Abby when she opens up for the Raging Idiots this weekend.