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Dr. Luckie Gives Show Advice on Testosterone and Estrogen

A listener named Dr. Luckie called into the show from Charleston to share his expertise on men's health. He's been a chiropractor in the Charleston area for several years at a place called West Ashley Wellness and Rehab.

Some of the show members wanted to ask him questions. Bobby asked him if it's possible that he's still growing as a 41-year-old male. Dr. Luckie said it's not likely because the last bone in your body fuses around 22-years-old. However, if he's been gaining some muscle through working out then he could be growing around 1/4 of an inch. Raymundo asked Dr. Luckie about any steroids that are safe for him to take. There aren't any steroids that are safe to take, however there are safe hormone supplements which he detailed. Then Bobby asked about taking supplements for testosterone and how that can impact his possibility of having children. Dr. Luckie shared that a properly run testosterone program along with a "co-traveler" is the best situation.

Amy also asked a question about her hormones. She is 41-years-old and wanted to know what kind of changes she should expect. Dr. Luckie shared that estrogen spikes in all humans is actually what causes feelings of rage. He suggested making sure she gets a blood panel done as well as eating a diet full of greens, less meat and dairy to help balance hormones.

If you're interested in more information about testosterone, you can check out Dr. Luckie's book here.