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Ryan Reynolds Shared Where He Would Go if He Got the Chance to Time Travel

Ryan Reynolds is a massive actor and he just released one of his favorite recent films called The Adam Project on Netflix. He stopped by The Bobby Bones Show for his first time on the show.

While Reynolds doesn't pretend going into any movie that it will become a classic, he admitted that it's always the hope. With The Adam Project, Reynolds feels like its one of those older, wish fulfillment type of movies where there is a huge spectacle, but it's about something personal at the same time. When it came to preparing for this film, Reynolds took an old school approach. He wanted to be sure the film made people laugh, then made them cry, and then made them laugh again. It's one of those "timeless expressions."

The movie did have moments where art imitated real life. Reynolds shared that he had a complicated relationship with his father who has since passed on. Though, he is sure not to take any of that stuff home with him. Adding that he tries to not take anything home with him from any project he's worked on. He does have an understanding of how "fleeting time is" and he hopes to always live his life like he never knows when it will be time to say goodbye.

One of the storylines within The Adam Project is about time travel. When asked if he had a time machine, Reynolds shared he would love to go forward in time several decades so that he could see what life was life for everyone, especially where his kids end up.