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TMSG: 99-Year-Old Becomes Children’s Book Author After Buying 1st Computer

99-year-old World War II veteran Sam Baker proved that it's never too late to pursue a dream.

Baker enlisted in the Marine Corps at 19 in 1942. He left the service in 1947 and joined the US Coast and Geodetic Survey where he worked for three decades before he retired. Then the purchase of his first ever computer at 95-years-old and a conversation with his son sparked the idea to become an author. Baker recalled, "My son called and said, ‘Dad, now that you have a computer, why don’t you write down the stories you told us when we were kids, for your granddaughter?"

He honored his son's request and wrote his first ever children's book The Silly Adventures of Petunia and Herman the Worm. The book was published in 2018. Baker then followed it up by publishing his second book in 2022 called Oscar the Mouse. Both books were inspired by a mixture of the stories he used to tell his kids and his experiences. Now Baker is working on his third book to be published sometime this year.

Baker told Fox News, that he hopes his works will instill a love of the written word in the younger generations.

Photo: Getty Images