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Scuba Steve Got an Expensive Phone Bill & It’s Because of Scammers

Scuba Steve recently got an expensive phone bill and it's because of scammers... but it's Steve's fault.

The Bobby Bones Show has been talking about scammers a lot recently and Steve has a particular way of dealing with them. Whenever a scammer calls his cell phone, sometimes he will pick it up and immediately hang up. Other times, he will pick it up and talk to the scammers. He thinks that because they call and waste his time, he should reciprocate that. So he will have full on conversations with the scammers, and he has learned that they're just normal people trying to make money for their families. Obviously not in the best way though. Sometimes Steve will let his son answer the phone and have conversations with the scammers as well. Steve admitted that doing this to scammers is a form of release for him.

Everything was going fine with his response to scammers, until his wife called to let him know they had a massive cell phone bill. Turns out every time Steve answered the phone from an international scammer and talked for more than a few seconds, he was making long distance calls and getting charged for them. So maybe don't pick up Steve's form of release unless you have an international cell phone plan.