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Eddie Wrote a Song With John Daly & It’s on His New Album

Outside of being the Bobby Bones Show video producer, Eddie has been pursuing songwriting. Fans know he has talents as a guitar player and singer as he is one half of the Raging Idiots duo. So it's no surprise that he spends his free time writing songs.

Last August, Eddie's friend Nick Autry asked if he wanted to write with golf legend John Daly. Turns out Daly also likes to work on music in his free time and he was working on a new record. Eddie went to the write on Daly's bus sitting outside of a golf course where it was just Eddie, Daly, and Autry. The three of them wrote the song "Why'd She Ever Love Me."

Daly decided to record the song and put it on his new record Whiskey & Water. Eddie shared a clip of it on his Instagram, check it out here.