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Help Us Celebrate Amy's Birthday By Purchasing #PIMPINJOY

In honor of Amy's birthday, ALL #PIMPINJOY items will support the orphanage in Haiti where Amy adopted her kids from. It’s a place that Amy will always hold near to her heart.

This will specifically help with 4 current concerns: security, education, water, and some specific needs for the kids. While the orphanage is doing well with their monthly expenses, some needs have popped up this month that we would like to help with:

  • Security (the wall is crumbling, so a new one needs to be built in order for everyone there to be as safe as possible!)
  • Water (the well they use to get water on the property recently broke and needs to be fixed) 
  • Education (the teachers currently make $200/hour & a bonus for them would be life changing - how cool to bless them with that?)
  • The kids (two boys need new wheelchairs and a few older ones would like to go to trade school - we can help with that!!)

Thank you for helping us support the orphanage. All proceeds are going to these needs, so feel good wearing your stuff knowing it was a win/win purchase! Something cute for you + helping Amy’s friends in Haiti = money well spent! We are so thankful for your support. As always, 100% of proceeds from #PIMPINJOY are donated! Get your #PIMPINJOY items here!