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These Are the Things We’re Nerding Out Over Right Now

Everyone has been picking up new passions lately, especially after the pandemic. The Bobby Bones Show decided to do a segment today where they got to geek out over the things they're really obsessed with right now.

Amy shared the benefits of "forest bathing" and that she plans to do this, this weekend. Forest bathing is a form of meditation that encourages participants to reconnect with nature in order to heal the earth and themselves. Bobby geeked out over March Madness and all of the bets surrounding the tournament. He shared an article on some bracket tips to ensure the best outcome even if you don't really know much about the teams.

Eddie keeps up-to-date with all the fishing records and he was shocked to see a recent one of a North Carolina man breaking a 60-year record. He hopes one day to be able to break a record like this one. Lunchbox can't get enough of his reality TV shows. He's especially excited about The Challenge getting expanded to CBS. As well as a Global All-Star Tournament being added to Paramount+.