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TMSG: Kroger Security Guard Walks to Work Daily, Gets New Car From Charity

63-year-old Chester Harris works security at the Kroger in Lincoln Park, Michigan and Fox 2 in Detroit covered a story about him because he's so loved, always wearing a smile on his face, and acting like he's never met a stranger.

A viewer of Detroit's Fox 2 story contacted the news station about Harris. She shared that he doesn't have a car. The 63-year-old walks from his apartment in Taylor to his job in Lincoln Park every afternoon and then back again, walking a total of 5 miles each way. Though it's hard, Harris has no intention on losing his job. He was a person living with homelessness not long ago where he was sleeping at a bus stop. Now that he has an apartment, he doesn't want to lose it. So walking to his job seven days a week is necessary telling Fox 2, "It's something I've got to do. I've got to get to work."

That's when Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries stepped in. A Dodge Neon car was donated to their organization a month ago and now it's being repaired and donated to Harris. The executive director of Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries Chad Audi heard about Harris and wanted to get the car to him to help he shared about the car, "It's reliable - it doesn't spend a lot of gas - it takes him from point a to point b without having to have no hassle of going to see a mechanic."

Photo: Getty Images