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Mike D Confessed the Videos He Used to Watch When He Was Losing Weight

Mike D dedicated several years of his life to healthier habits to lose weight. His first step was dropping diet soda and now all these years later his diet is vegan. All of the changes he made allowed him to lose over 100 pounds.

Today on The Bobby Bones Show (March 16) he admitted something he used to do when he was losing weight. Mukbang videos originated from South Korea and they show people eating their foods in an ASMR-type of way. While they're really popular now, they've existed for several years. When Mike D was losing weight and constantly eating grilled chicken and vegetables, he would watch mukbang videos as a form of release. He watched them to get some joy seeing that someone else was eating all the delicious food he wished he could eat. Watching the mukbang videos really helped him during his time of losing weight.