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Raymundo Has Awkward Encounter With Listener at the Bank

The "Pick a Bit" segment has been making a comeback. Bobby pitches the show three different titles from three different show members, and whoever isn't in the running for their bit to be talked about, places a vote. There's a running joke not to pick Lunchbox's from something that happened during The Bobby Bones Show's time back in Austin, Texas.

So during today's Pick a Bit, Raymundo's bit was chosen about an awkward encounter with a listener of the show. Raymundo went to the bank to cash a check. That's all he wanted to do, but the bank teller pulled up his bank account. While looking at the bank account, she told Raymundo that she's a huge fan of the show and she loves Amy. Raymundo thought it was awkward considering she had access to his bank information, so he shrugged it off and asked her to cash the check in 20s. Then she told him that he didn't have a savings account and he needed one. Raymundo explained that it's in his wife account and again just asked her to cash the check.

He was frustrated by the whole interaction and stated that he may close his account and no longer go to that bank because of it. It felt too uncomfortable to him, had she not mentioned she was a listener of the show, it may have been different.