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TMSG: 7-Year-old Rings Bell After Beating Cancer

7-year-old Leigha Davenport of North Carolina was diagnosed with a rare bone cancer in August 2021.

Leigha's leg kept hurting her and because of it she didn't want to play outside. When her mother Millinda Davenport took her to the doctor, they said it might just be growing pains. But Millinda persisted because she knew something was wrong. After another visit to the doctor, it was confirmed Leigha had osteosarcoma, an aggressive form of bone cancer.

Leigha had to undergo 35 rounds of chemotherapy. Her chemo ended on March 1st and was declared cancer-free just a few days later on March 7th. Leigha will be in a wheelchair for the rest of the year as she goes through physical therapy, and follow-up appointments every three months for the next five years to ensure she is still cancer-free. The Davenports are just excited about her future telling WFMY News 2, "Just trying to get her back to her normal self, hopping and jump roping and all that good stuff."

Photo: Getty Images