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Morgan Shares Reasons Why She’s a Shania Twain Superfan

CBS has a brand new CBS game show coming called Superfan where music superfans will have their chance to show off their fandom. The series will have music superfans testing their skills to prove they are a certain artist's number one supporter.

The Bobby Bones Show heard about the new show and found out one of the artists involved in it is Shania Twain. Morgan is a massive Twain fan and has showed it over her years on the show. She's always choosing Twain in challenges and questions when it comes to music. So the show decided to try and get her on the new Superfan show to compete for an ultimate experience with Twain.

Morgan revealed a few things about her love for Twain that would deem her a "superfan." Twain was the first concert Morgan went to as a kid, and her dad lifted her up so that she could touch Twain's hand. Morgan said she wouldn't let her parents wash her hand for weeks after the fact because it was so special to her. She also knows all of Twain's discography, even her new album that was released in 2017. Morgan also noted that she has several pieces of leopard clothing in honor of Twain.

Now the show plans to get one of the producers of Superfan on the show to pitch Morgan in hopes they can get her on the show for the Shania Twain competition.