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TMSG: 3 Strangers Help Woman Evacuate 86 Cats From Fire at Rescue

A wildfire approached Jackie Mihal's home in Panama City and she had only a few minutes to gather her entire life while also saving the lives of more than 80 cats.

Mihal runs Salty Cats of St. Andrews Rescue Group out of her home. The rescue had 86 cats and one bunny that needed to be boarded up and taken to safety. She had a few challenges in her way. Some of the cats are feral and some are ill, and she had a limited number of cages to contain the animals.

Thankfully 3 strangers by the names of Brian Salmon, Scott Morris, and Scott Trunzo appeared when she needed help the most. With the help of the 3 men, they were able to successfully evacuate all 86 cats and the bunny.

She shared on Facebook just this week that they are finally back in their home and they were gifted some new beds, blankets, and toys from the community.

Photo: Getty Images