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Eddie’s Kids Are Getting Emotional Over Their March Madness Brackets

Eddie shared on The Bobby Bones Show yesterday (March 17) that his kids really wanted to participate in March Madness.

He said they could if they pay their own way in, which was $20 a piece for the big prize money. His oldest son is did a bracket on his own, and his 8-year-old and 7-year-old split a bracket so they only had to pay $10 each. They were really excited until today (March 18). Eddie shared an update that his kids have been getting a bit emotional over their brackets.

When the teams they picked lost, they call or text Eddie to let them know how sad or disappointed they are. He tries to explain to them that those emotions are just part of the whole March Madness experience. Despite some big upsets already happening, Eddie shared that his kids brackets are actually doing really well. They're currently ranked within the top 10 in the big bracket standings.