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TMSG: Dog Presumed Dead in Avalanche Found Alive Days Later

A skier and snowboarder recently survived an avalanche in the backcountry area southwest of Monarch Pass in Colorado.

According to the deputy director of the Colorado Avalanche Information Center Brian Lazar the second skier down triggered an avalanche, which then washed over the snowboarder. A preliminary investigation showed the skier deployed his airbag, was partially buried and lost a ski. The snowboarder was unable to deploy her airbag and was partially buried without a viable airway. The skier was able to get her out, and both of the riders were uninjured.

The couple had their dog with them, and after searching for their dog. They had to leave without being able to find it. It was presumed the dog died in the avalanche until the dog was found on a trailhead on Monarch Pass late Saturday night. Lazar said, "Of course, we will never exactly know what happened to this dog. Only the dog will know the story."

Photo: Getty Images