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Carrie Underwood's Husband Compares Her To This 'Modern Family' Character

Carrie Underwood just released her new song "Ghost Story" on Friday. She stopped by The Bobby Bones Show today (March 21) to share the inspiration behind the song, talk about her Las Vegas residency and her appearance on Cobra Kai.

"Ghost Story" didn't sound like anything else Underwood had done or heard out in the music world, that's the main reason she decided to record the song. She also thought the song is very visual when you hear it. While some people may think its a revengeful song, she doesn't think that's the story behind it. Underwood has done several songs in her career that would be considered revengeful and when she was discussing her own personal moments of revenge it was all different kinds. She admitted that she's experienced all the different emotions when it has come to revenge in her life, but likely her angry revenge happened during her youth. Underwood also shared her excitement for the entire project that will feature "Ghost Story." On this album, she had the freedom to be creative and play with the music. When Underwood was early on in her career, she felt worried about every little thing associated with an album. Now, she's excited to do things as she wants and turn her focus to passion projects that are good for her soul. After the past few years with the pandemic, she wanted this particular album to be fun, positive, and a bit nostalgic.

Whenever Underwood goes into a writing session, she shared that she doesn't put any perimeters on it. She wants to go in the write with no rules because otherwise, it might take away what could happen. Underwood tends to write with people she's already comfortable with because if it's someone new, she doesn't open up as much. Same goes for her team, Underwood has been with both her manager and tour manager since the beginning of her career. Underwood admitted that she also doesn't like ordering room service, it makes her nervous. So when it came to her stay in Las Vegas for her residency, Underwood wouldn't order room service, she would go to Whole Foods by herself to get groceries.

Underwood's Las Vegas residency still has several dates if fans want to catch the show. Bobby Bones was particularly interested in the room the hotel gave her to stay in. She admitted the room was super fancy, and definitely not how she typically lives whenever she travels. The room was on the top floor with secure access, 4 bedrooms, a kitchenette and TVs everywhere. Underwood loves doing the residencies, especially thanks to the crowd. Because it's Vegas, everyone is coming from everywhere so it's a big mesh of a bunch of different people. They also are able to do more things creatively with the tour set because they don't have to travel with it. Then whenever her show is over that night, she just goes to bed.

Something else Underwood recently loved doing was her appearance on Cobra Kai. She had tweeted about the show during the first season, and after that tweet the show reached out to her. They asked if she wanted to be on an upcoming season and she was so excited. If she were to pursue another acting gig, she said that it would likely be for Yellowstone. On the topic of TV shows, Underwood also admitted the TV character her husband compares her to when she talks. He said she sounds like Phil Dunphy from Modern Family whenever she is talking sometimes.

Carrie Underwood's "Ghost Story" will be featured on her new project that she said fans can expect "soon." She's also performing at the iHeartCountry Festival on May 7th in Austin, Texas. Fans can purchase tickets here.